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Nimbuzz Provides Government Compliant Communication Solution for Saudi Arabia BlackBerry Users

August 9th, 2010


This is pretty amazing!

In light of the situation in Saudi Arabia, with BlackBerry encrypted services being banned, people are flocking to Nimbuzz by the thousands as their primary solution for chat, IM, texting and messaging on their BlackBerry mobile phones.

As a matter of fact, out of 700,000 BlackBerry users in Saudi Arabia, 10 percent have now chosen Nimbuzz for their communications  – chat/IM/messaging — needs. As of August 6, we are seeing a user log in from Saudi Arabia every two seconds, with almost 10,000 new registrations from Saudi Arabia daily.

We are pleased that BlackBerry users in Saudi Arabia, both residents and tourists, are still able to connect to their friends and family around the world using our Nimbuzz service.  Because Nimbuzz is an open platform and uses XMPP and JINGLE technologies that comply with Saudi government regulations, users can still chat, IM, text and message on their BlackBerry legally.

Have you tried Nimbuzz for BlackBerry yet? You can get it at BlackBerry App World.

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