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HTC Desire HD android phone price, features and specifications in India

February 10th, 2011

In our series on Best Android phones in India we had last informed you about the Motorola Charm android phone price and features in India. This time we thought that we could share with you more details about the HTC Desire HD android phone. HTC has launched the Desire HD android phone in the high-end smartphone category, where it takes the functions and features of the HTC Desire to the next level with some great features like the 4.3-inch S-LCD display supporting 480×800 pixel resolution. It sports a large display to entertain users. The phone is also capable of high definition video playback.

Below we have listed down the full specifications of this Android phone so that you can make sure all the things that this phone sports is actually what you require.

HTC Desire HD Android phone Specifications:


Motorola Charm android phone price and features in India

January 31st, 2011

What do you want from Your Android mobile phone? Touchscreen? QWERTY keypad? Back track navigation? Sleek looks? If that’s what you want the Motorola Charm is made for you. Motorola Charm Android phone is one the latest mobile by Motorola for the Indian market. This android phone has some outstanding features available in India at an affordable price.

The Motorola CHARM android phone features a 3 megapixel camera, wifi and a noise canceling second microphone. The android phone also supports microSD cards up to 32GB and comes inbuilt with a 2GB card included in the box.


Samsung Galaxy S android phone price in India

January 24th, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S (i9000), is one of the bestselling Samsung phones so far with more than 10 million Samsung Galaxy S mobile phones have been sold worldwide.

The new Samsung Galaxy S i9000 has a 4-inch AMOLED which is powered by a 1GHz QUALCOMM ‘Hummingbird’ processor. The new Samsung Galaxy S also features, ’Social Hub’ helping you to stay always connected on social networks. Samsung Galaxy S Android also features mDNIe (mobile Digital Natural Image engine) – a technology used in Samsung’s best-selling LCD and LED TVs to give even sharper and crisper viewing experience for photos, videos, and e-books.  It also features HD videos playback.

Here are the specifications of the device below:


Motorola Charm – Android phone Price, Features and Specification

January 13th, 2011

Motorola has now launched its newest Android phone in the market - Motorola Charm. Motorola Charm comes with Android 2.1 along with enhanced MotoBlur and supports microSD cards up to 32GB with a 2GB card included in the package. Motorola Charm Features a QWERTY keypad, 3 megapixel camera, Wifi and a noise canceling second microphone.

Motorola Charm price in India, features and specifications in details:


Samsung Galaxy 551 android phone now Available In India

January 10th, 2011

After the success of Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy 3 and Samsung Galaxy 5, Samsung is on a new high. Samsung has now announced the latest entry to its Galaxy series by introducing the Galaxy 551 phone 3G Smartphone is equipped with a 3.2 inch TFT capacitative touchscreen.

It also features a full QWERTY keyboard which slides from the side and helps you type easily. As soon as you slide the QWERTY keypad out, the screen shifts with the effects of the Accelerometer sensor driven auto-rotate function.

Priced at Rs 12799 (Flipkart price) Samsung Galaxy 551 is powered by Android v2.2 and has a 667 Mhz processor. Samsung announced the Android powered Galaxy 551 by Samsung in October.

Samsung Galaxy 551 Specifications:


Nimbuzz – HD voice calls for Android phones have arrived!

December 10th, 2010
YouTube Preview Image

You read that right, starting today you can make HD voice quality calls from any Android mobile phone. All you need to do is download Nimbuzz now. All you need to do is go to Android Market and search for Nimbuzz (or just scan the bar code at the end of the post).

But wait, there’s more. Here is the complete list of new features of Nimbuzz 2.0.2 for Android:

  • HD voice call quality on Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz calls
  • Install Nimbuzz on SD card to save space on the phone memory
  • Updated My Profile page
  • New Contact List layout
  • Free avatars


World’s First App Trailer: Nimbuzz for Android!

November 26th, 2010
YouTube Preview Image

Hope you enjoy the World’s First App Trailer for Nimbuzz on Android!

Coming soon: Brand new features will forever change the expectations you have of your Android mobile phone!

Prepare! This season is all about HD and Personalization!

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Top Android phones in India under Rs 11000

October 8th, 2010

Android Phones in India under 11000

In our last first blog post on Best Android phones in India we had informed you about the best Android phones available to you at that point of time.

Since then there have been a lot of changes and many new Android handsets have been launched, so we thought we should now update you all on the top Android phones in India under Rs 11000. Even though from our last blog post Cheap Android phones in India! Less than 15.000!, we informed you how the craze for android phone is building up. Still that list has become old with so many cheap new android handsets now in the market.

In this series we will update you about the cheapest and best android packed phones available in Indian markets.

Let’s see what options you have in the market for now:


New! Nimbuzz 2.0.1 for Android

September 24th, 2010


Nimbuzz 2.0.1 for Android has landed!! You can get it now from the Android Market or directly from Nimbuzz.

The new Nimbuzz version packs brand new features for all you Android fans out there.  Here is a short overview:

  • Invisible status for IM accounts
  • Updated contact list view
  • Sort contacts by status
  • 20% to 40% less battery consumption while running in the background

Now let’s talk a bit more about each new feature.


Cheap Android phones in India! Less than 15.000!

August 20th, 2010

Android phones below 15000 in India

We have seen a lot of people searching more information about Android phones about the various Android phones available in India. Since now Android is becoming the searched really popular mobile platform in India, we thought that we can bring for you all the various Android phone options available for you under Rs 15000. has posted a neat blog post on various Android Phones in India. So we thought that we can give you Android phone options available for you under Rs 15000.

Here is a list of cheap Android phones in India, that are below 15000: