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Aircel Shutout By Vodafone & Airtel

November 26th, 2012

On Thursday, 22nd, November 2012 – Vodafone blocked all short messaging services (SMSs) to the Aircel Network over an issue relating to non-payment of termination charges. Airtel had already blocked Aircel just before Diwali.

This unfortunately leaves Aircel consumers with no SMS access to the two biggest telecom operators in the country. While Airtel issued a ban on SMS to phones on the Aircel network covering the whole country, Vodafone has only blocked Aircel in Tamil Nadu, New Delhi and Karnataka.

This has created a massive gap between the subscribers of the 3 carriers.

All Vodafone & Airtel user can connect with their friends on Aircel and vice versa via Nimbuzz.

All you need to do is Download the latest Nimbuzz client on your device. Allow Nimbuzz to access the Address book contacts, and it becomes really easy for you to stay connected.

One Nation One Sim

October 5th, 2012

Imagine that there is no extra roaming charge when you travel all over the country. Yes, it may now be possible according to a mandate that may be passed by Telecom Regulatory Association of India (TRAI). There won’t be any roaming charges applied nationwide from next year. There is no such fixed date as in when the rule will come into play; it is tentatively set for early next year.

The decision by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) will definitely (more…)

Nimbuzz Ping Will Not Be Available Till September 1st, 2012

August 22nd, 2012

Hi guys,

Due to recent restrictions on SMS imposed by the Indian Government, Nimbuzz Ping will not be available to use till the 1st of September. Although Nimbuzz Ping is a nifty utility which helps you keep in touch with each other without the need for a smartphone, it has been classified under the A2P promotional SMS category and therefore restricted due to National Security reasons.

We apologize for this and assure you that Nimbuzz Ping will be back up as soon as the restriction is lifted. Till then you can use our web messenger to keep in touch with your friends and family.

Stay Safe. Stay Connected.

Vodafone, IDEA and Reliance follow Airtel with 3G price cuts (just like we predicted)!

May 26th, 2012

We blogged last time about how Airtel has reduced its 3G prices because of the lukewarm reception to 3G and its prices . We had also predicted how this will be a domino effect of sorts and other carriers will soon do the same. That has now come true with Vodafone, Idea and Reliance dropping the rates for their 3G connections.

Check all the images below for price sheets:

Idea Cellular:



In case you missed our last blog post, here is the Price sheet for Airtel :

This is some awesome news for our Indian users since now they can browse the internet, use their apps, download, stream and chat all they want at affordable 3G speeds. Nimbuzz is like a speed-rocket on 3G. I am sure you guys will have fun.

Stay connected always!

Cheers :)

Airtel slashes 3G rates. Welcome to an even faster Nimbuzz!

May 22nd, 2012

Hey guys, there is some awesome news for all our users who are on Airtel in India. Airtel has slashed the 3G rates and made them quite affordable. The prohibitive cost of the 3G plans in the past had resulted in people sticking to their GPRS/EDGE connections. With this price slashing, now all of you Airtel users can enjoy the benefits that 3G can bring.

We don’t need to remind you of the fact that 3G means even faster chats, video calls, audio calls and messaging on Nimbuzz.

Do you want to know the latest Airtel 3G plan details?


Aircel all set to launch Apple iPhone 4 on May 27

May 26th, 2011

Good News for Nimbuzzers in India, Aircel has announced the date of will launch iPhone 4 in India. Aircel is all set to introduce Apple IPhone 4 on May 27 2011 with a new pricing model similar to contract based model prevalent in US and Europe What a great way to start your weekend :) . Under this model Aircel customers can recover the upfront cost of their iPhone on select plans over the course of 24 months which will encourage more number to aspirants to go for the most loved smartphone.

Aircel has introduced special prepaid as well postpaid plans for iPhone4 but only postpaid plans will allow discounts from 50% to 100% of the iPhone4 cost depending on the plan.


Important things to remember for operation of 3G in India

March 25th, 2011

So guys, we are sure you must be excited that 3G is now here in India. With 3G coming in India we also sometimes want to know some important details which will help you to fully enjoy the Nimbuzz services at high speeds.

We have already made you aware of the Airtel 3G rates in Delhi and the Aircel 3G zones

So here are a few important things to remember for operation of 3G in India:


Aircel 3G Experience Zone across India

March 24th, 2011

In our last blog post on the 3G launches in India, we made you aware of the Airtel Prepaid 3G tariff, Activation and details in Delhi. So we thought that since Aircel has also launched their 3G Experience Zone in Chennai and soon be launching their 3G services in Chennai full-fledged in a couple of weeks.

As per the Aircel website, Aircel will launch their 3G service in other circles by mid March and.

How to experience Aircel 3G at Aircel 3G Zones?

  • SMS “TRY” to 121 to activate free trial (Valid from 22nd – 27th February 2011)
  • 250MB data and 50 minutes of video calling is free. After that 3p/10KB for data and 5p/sec for video call would be charged.
  • Free pocket video service after activating 3G by dialing 56666 to download videos for free for period of 6 days.


Airtel Prepaid 3G tariff, Activation and details in Delhi

March 15th, 2011

Airtel has launched their 3G services in India in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Jaipur, and Mumbai at the moment. So we thought that since you also have all the details about How to Connect Nimbuzz via Airtel Live, How to Connect Nimbuzz via Airtel Mobile Office, Nimbuzz easily accessible with Airtel “Mobile Office” plan, Airtel Prepaid Net-on-Phone activation and rates, and Airtel Prepaid Mobile Internet Vouchers cost comparison, we should give all the details to you on each launch so that you can use Nimbuzz and its world class features more efficiently.

Since Prepaid is the hot selling medium of connection, so let’s start with the Airtel Prepaid 3G tariff, Activation and details in Delhi.

Below are the details of the Airtel Prepaid 3G tariff, Activation and details in Delhi


Things to consider while buying a QWERTY keypad mobile phone in India

November 26th, 2010

These days there are so many QWERTY phones in the market that it becomes really very difficult find which phone is the right choice for you. Many times we end up buying a phone which does one thing better and the other thing are not present to suffice your needs.

The price for any QWERTY phone now starts from around Rs 2000 and then sky is the limit. And we also know that it’s not the cheapest phone that’s for you. You want a phone which reflects your personality and fulfils you communications needs.

So here below are the listed things that you should consider while buying a QWERTY phone in India: