Hands on With the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 by Samsung, before its launch in March 2013, had been surrounded by numerous rumors about some new ‘never-before’ features, and faster processing speed.


Well, it has all come true and Samsung has yet again set a higher bar with the latest entrant in the Galaxy series of mobile phones. The Galaxy S4 takes from where its predecessor left off and is an improvement in every manner possible. In terms of appearance, the new handset is quite similar to the Galaxy S3 except that the S4 is bigger in size and screen and is also lighter and thinner.

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For starters, the Galaxy S4 has a bigger screen with a 5-inch display, a faster CPU with an optional 1.9GHz quad-core or 1.6GHz octa-core processor, bigger battery with 2600 mAh capacity, a 13 megapixel rear facing camera and 2GB RAM. The list goes on with loads of other new features.
The cellphone features an IR blaster on the top which enables the user to use the phone as a remote control for the television. This particular feature is pretty rare and is found only in a few other handsets such as the HTC One. Moreover, the IR blaster can be used to control any television and not just Samsung televisions and offers volume and channel controls as well as play-on demand content.
The phone along with 64 GB of internal memory also features a microSD card slot and which supports a 64 GB microSD card, thus enable total memory storage of 128 GB.
On the functionality aspect, the Galaxy S4 borrows some of its features and functions from the Galaxy Note 2 such as the multiview mode that enables splitting the screen in order to interact with two applications. There’s an extensive list of new features in this phone which may not only be difficult to explain in a few words but also may not be as useful to an average user. With the addition of so many features, Samsung had to expand its usual Touch Wiz overlay to fit in various new toggles.

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However, for the power users, this phone does pack quite a lot of functionality and also includes Group Play, a collaborative feature that allows the user to share music, documents and photos as well play multiplayer games with other users.
Now, the much hyped and rumored eye scroll feature is actually true! Samsung has built upon the Smart Stay feature from the Galaxy S3 and developed two new features, namely the Smart Pause and Smart Scroll. The user can scroll the page up or down by tilting the screen up and down respectively, while looking at it. The Smart Pause feature has been developed for halting videos when the user looks away from the screen and resuming when the user’s eyes return to the phone screen.

Samsung has also introduced new gestures called Air View in the Galaxy S4 adopted from the stylus centric Galaxy Note 2, only here the stylus is not required and the phone responds to the user’s fingers instead. These gestures include hovering as well as waving and swiping hands to navigate.
The phone does pack a large bunch of cool new features, a tad bit too many to swallow in all at once. But these features are not really essential must-have ones and the utility and functionality of these features would purely depend upon individual users.
Don’t forget to check out the Nimbuzz application on the bigger screen of the Galaxy S4 along with the eye scroll features during long chats on Nimbuzz.

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