NimbuzzOut: Talk for 10 and pay for 8

We noticed that you guys love to talk to your friends on Nimbuzz and of course it’s always good to keep in touch. We are now making it cheaper for you guys to stay connected.
So now we have an offer that you cannot resist! We are calling it the ‘Talk for 10 and pay for 8’ offer.

So basically,
– Any user who talks for a minimum of 10 minutes or more would enjoy a 20% discount. As in if a user talks for 10 minutes, then S/he would be billed only for 8 minutes
– In case a user talks for less than 10 minutes, then they would be billed normally at actual without any discount. If a user talks for more than 10 minutes but less than 20 minutes, say for 14 minutes then the S/he would get billed for 12 minutes.

This offer is valid from 18th October (00:01 Hours GMT) to 25th October 2012 (23:59 Hours GMT) (Incl. of both days).

So boot up Nimbuzz and don’t hesitate to talk more because it’s all cheaper now.

Here are the terms and conditions to the offer:
1. Make any call for a minimum of 10 minutes duration – pay only for 8 minutes of talking. So we give you 2 minutes of free talking. There is no limit on the number of eligible calls you can make, as long as you have call credit
2. To be eligible for free 2 minutes, the calls must be 10 minutes or more. If you keep talking for an additional 10 minutes then you receive an additional 2 free minutes, and so on for each further 10 minutes
3. Normal billing applies unless you talk for 10 minutes. E.g. If you talk for 8 minutes, you will pay for 8 minutes. If you talk for 14 minutes, then you will pay for 8 minutes for the first 10 minutes & the remaining 4 minutes will be billed normally
4. If the call ends before 10 minutes then unfortunately the discount won’t apply even if you reconnect and even if this is due to a technical or connection error or a mistake by one of the people on the call
5. The only valid measure of the timing of the calls is the timing in Nimbuzz’s records
6. This promo is valid from 18th October (00:01 Hours GMT) to 25th October 2012 (23:59 Hours GMT) (Incl. of both days)

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