Surface May Be Microsoft’s Breakthrough Device

Microsoft unveiled their tablet/Laptop hybrid called Surface two days back. The most interesting part of this launch is the fact that this tablet is completely done by the company itself as compared to their previous partnerships with device manufacturers. It is about time that Microsoft did that. Even though Microsoft’s Windows is the world’s most popular operating system, the company has lagged behind on the tablet and Mobile OS part. Their upcoming launch of Windows 8 might solve that.

Windows 8 is supposed to be a tablet OS in addition to a desktop one and the stylings of the OS show that it is meant mainly for the tablet. Microsoft Surface is an indicator to what is forthcoming in the Windows ecosystem. The company now has all the components required to compete with the likes of Google and Apple.

Woah! Surface sports a cover which doubles up as keyboard! We think that is the most efficient and innovative implementation of a tablet keyboard in the market today. The keyboard is not wireless and has thus no need for charging. There are two versions of the Microsoft Surface. One comes with a Tegra 3 ARM-based processor running Windows 8 RT (for ARM) while the other high end version called Surface Pro will use an Ivy Bridge Core i5 chip.


Screen Size: 10.6 inches
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Resolution: Surface Pro – 1920×1080 | Surface – 1366×768
Display: Full HD display
Covers: A touch cover and a type cover. Both include keyboards and multi-touch functionality.


Microsoft did not confirm when it will launch the device nor the pricing but it is expected to launch by the end of this year.
The Surface has been lauded by reviewers and critics for its innovative input methods and hardware specifications. We think it is pretty cool!
With this new type of  keyboard, we hope all those Nimbuzz users who are uncomfortable with typing on tablets will find it easy to communicate with your family, friends and colleagues using the Surface.

Here is a video which shows the Surface in action:
YouTube Preview Image

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