New: Nimbuzz for Symbian comes with message delivery notifications

The new Nimbuzz 3.2 for Nokia Symbian phones is ready to download.

This brand new version packs really awesome features that will make chatting even more fun. Here is what’s new:

  • Message Delivery Notifications will display checkmarks when your message arrives on your friend’s phone.
  • New Favorites Tab offers quick access to your  favorite contacts so you can start chatting and calling faster.
  • Reintroduced the # shortcut – by pressing the # key you will go to the top of your contact list.
  • Auto-start – offers the possibility to automatically start Nimbuzz when you turn on your mobile phone.

Now let’s talk a bit more about these features.

The new message delivery notifications will display:

  • 1 check mark (✓) when your message was successfully delivered to the Nimbuzz servers
  • 2 check marks(✓✓) when your message was successfully delivered to the person you are chatting with. Please note this does not indicate that your chat was read by the other person but only delivered.

You will find the new Favorites tab on your home screen next to the Contacts tab. Here you can add the friends you always call and chat.  This will make it faster and easier for you to start chatting with them.

One of the features you requested the most was added in the new 3.2 version: # shortcut.  This is very useful for Nimbuzzers with a lot of friends on their list because it allows you to jump at the top of the contact list no matter where you are in the list. To test it simply go at the bottom of your list and press the key # … Nice right :) .

Last but not least we added the auto-start feature. This is turned OFF by default and if you would like to activate it you need to go to: Settings -> Connection -> Auto-start -> ON. If you enable it than next time you will turn on your mobile phone Nimbuzz will automatically start and run in the background.

Besides these awesome features we also fixed some annoying little bugs you reported ;) so the overall user experience is better :D .

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7 Responses to “New: Nimbuzz for Symbian comes with message delivery notifications”

  1. Really funny

    Dnm July 23rd, 2011
  2. i want to join in

    satish.t July 24th, 2011
  3. I have a nokia 5800 express music, the message delivery notifications feature doesn’t seem to be there

    kk August 11th, 2011
  4. I lyk it

    Ishu October 20th, 2011
  5. I lyk it nd i lyk nimbuzz chat

    Ishu October 20th, 2011
  6. Hello friends. . . .
    Me a proud nimbuzz user. . . . Its the best app i have used till date. . . .
    Girls specially invited to be my friend. . . Boys too are welcome. . .
    Believe me, i will always make u smile

    This is Pritesh Soni, Male, 19, residing in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. . . . .

    Pritesh November 8th, 2011

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