Update: Nimbuzz for Blackberry with free avatars and improved Facebook connectivity!

The new Nimbuzz 1.3.6 for Blackberry smartphones is ready for download.

This update comes with nifty features and fixes that we’re sure you will enjoy:

  • A fix for the Facebook connectivity issue
  • Free avatars – choose new and exciting avatars for your profile picture from N-World
  • Free bots – check out how your day will be with the new Astrology bot from N-World
  • Improved reconnection process – so you can spend more time online ;) .

In this new version you have access to N-World, a place where you can find free avatars and free bots. To access N-World on you device, you need to press the BlackBerry key-> scroll down -> click on N-World -> choose a new avatar or add a new bot to your contact list.

We also crushed a few small bugs thanks to your feedback, so the entire experience should be better now.

At the moment the new version is available on Nimbuzz.com and will be available on Blackberry World in the next week.

We would love to hear what you think about the new version so if you like it or have any suggestions please let us know.

2 Responses to “Update: Nimbuzz for Blackberry with free avatars and improved Facebook connectivity!”

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