HD calling from PC to Mobile and Vice Versa – Nimbuzz 1.4

Having released HD quality voice calls for iPhone (iOS) and Android users, we are back with even more goodies. The new Nimbuzz 1.4 bridges the HD calling gap between smartphones and Windows PC users.

Want to test the HD quality calls? Get Nimbuzz now!

And here is the complete features list:

  • HD calling from Nimbuzz PC to Nimbuzz PC, iPhone (iOS) and Android.
  • Tabbed chat – save space on your desktop and organizes your chat windows into one.
  • New Contact list layout with updated status icons.
  • Retrieve location of your friends who using Nimbuzz on their mobile phones.

Below you can find more info about each feature feature.

The new update allows you to make HD quality calls to your Nimbuzz friends that are using an Android, iPhone (iOS) or PC  and have the latest Nimbuzz version installed.

This is possible thanks to our new peer to peer calling system, which doesn’t route the call through our servers, but makes a direct connection between the two mobile devices. Your calls will be connected faster, the calling quality will be crystal clear, and the probability of dropped calls  enormously reduced.

The new version auto-detects your  connection speed for HD voice calls and displays an HD indicator on the call screen in real time.

HD calling is available for Android, iPhone (iOS) and PC users but we are working on getting it on (Nokia) Symbian phones as well.

Another cool feature is the tabbed chat. This saves time by keeping  your desktop organized and offers you one central dashboard for all your communication by gathering all your chats in one place.

If you you miss the old way, that is still available. To enable it go to Tools > Options > Messages > Open Chats in separate windows: Check the box.

The new contact list offers you two layouts to choose from: Compact and Normal. In this version we have also updated the status icons  for Online, Away, Busy and Offline modes to look even better :D .

Last but not least, you can retrieve the location of you Nimbuzz contacts that are online via their mobile. To do that move your mouse over their name, click on the little down arrow from their contact card and select “Get location“.

We hope you will enjoy our brand new version as much as we do :) . Download now and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

2 Responses to “HD calling from PC to Mobile and Vice Versa – Nimbuzz 1.4”

  1. Awesome. With 3G services in India, Nimbuzz HD calls are sure to rock the stage. Waiting for video calls now :)

    Binoy xavier December 23rd, 2010
  2. Dear Developer,

    Please do consider for bada OS too, we have samsung wave s8500 and we don have voice or video chat in any IM’s.. If u release it first, u ll be popular among the wave holders.. Please work on it…

    Mohamed December 2nd, 2011

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