Mobile Number portability launched in India

Mobile number portability controlled roll out has begun with Haryana. The pan India roll out will start from January 20th, 2011. DoT gave this test run in a circle with a small population.

Department of Telecommunications [DOT] have now finally rolled out its plan to present Mobile Number Portability to its Haryana and said that the department had earlier announced that MNP will be made available to the telephone users from November 1, 2010 but delayed it to give time to the service providers to “upgrade their network and other resources”

There must be so many of you who will change their operator to get ‘more value for money’, depending on their requirements. So let us know in the comments section below about the operator you would like to switch to and why. You can tweet this by pressing the tweet button on top and follow us on twitter @nimbuzzin

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