Things to consider while buying a QWERTY keypad mobile phone in India

These days there are so many QWERTY phones in the market that it becomes really very difficult find which phone is the right choice for you. Many times we end up buying a phone which does one thing better and the other thing are not present to suffice your needs.

The price for any QWERTY phone now starts from around Rs 2000 and then sky is the limit. And we also know that it’s not the cheapest phone that’s for you. You want a phone which reflects your personality and fulfils you communications needs.

So here below are the listed things that you should consider while buying a QWERTY phone in India:


  • Wifi: In today’s lifestyle Wifi provides the best medium of connectivity at high speeds. With Wifi at handy you can really make full use of your mobile and explore the internet and connect with your friends and family members for free
  • 3G: 3G is a boon for mobiles. It provides broadband like data speed to your phone and is always with you with your mobile. But this can only be fulfilled if you have a 3G enabled handset.


  • Social Messenger – Nimbuzz: Nimbuzz helps you make free calls, SMS, chat, send files and many other things to your friends and family members who are available across various social networks like Facebook, Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo etc. You can download Nimbuzz on you mobile from here
  • Social Network – Facebook: The big daddy of social networking on desktop has its real-time presence on mobile as well. With Facebook, you can stay connected with your loved ones at ease on your mobile
  • Application Library – Snaptu: Snaptu is an application library that turns your favourite websites into ultra-fast mobile apps that work on your phone.

With this in your mobile you can never miss out any of the important things in your life which you need instantly.

Let us know which QWERTY handset you are planning to buy and we can discuss the same in the comments section below to get you the best deal in the market.

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