What the Skype/Nimbuzz Breakup Means To You

Nimbuzz Skype Switch Off

Yes, it’s true. Skype will no longer be accessible via Nimbuzz starting October 31, 2010. Why? Skype asked us to remove support for their service.

In 2008 we started working on creating a free mobile communications service for the way you live in the online and mobile world, today and in the future. A service used by everyone, no matter what handset, where they were located, or how they wanted to communicate. All your friends in one place, combined with free mobile calls, chat/IM or SMS/texting.

Read on for more on Skype’s decision.

We want to give you the freedom to choose and control every aspect of how you stay in touch with friends, family, and co-workers. Social Networks and IM communities are important to today’s online lifestyle, so we made sure you could connect to your friends on Nimbuzz, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), AIM, GoogleTalk, ICQ and many more – after all, they’re your contacts. Communicate your way, not someone else’s.

With NimbuzzOut (launched November 2009), we took it one step further. Connect with the world saving money on international calls to mobile phones and landlines at much lower rates than traditional mobile operators, even Skype.

The folks at GigaOm agree: “Nimbuzz is on par with Skype.  Bottom line: If you are looking for a well-designed, easy-to-use, all-in-one messaging client that also makes cheap long-distance calls, then you don’t need to look any further than Nimbuzz. I have no qualms in recommending NimbuzzOut.”

Skype’s decision to ask us to stop supporting their service seems to be part of a strategy to disconnect all open third party support. So it doesn’t come as a surprise, but it is certainly unfortunate Instead of locking you in, we will continue to let your mobile do more for you for less, and offer the same quality of free and low cost communications services. It’s your Phone. They’re your contacts. Communicate your way, not someone else’s.

For us at Nimbuzz, this news confirms our belief that we have taken the next step in the evolution of mobile communication. We created a universal communications service that lets you Demand More from your Mobile Phone.

30 million of you already agree with us and the fact that we serve over 3.65 billion mobile voice minutes per year makes us want to continue to improve and evolve Nimbuzz, the way you want to see it.

Since we were asked to remove support for Skype and SkypeOut, we figured you might appreciate it if we make our already cheaper NimbuzzOut service even more attractive!

So here is what we are doing to make things even better for you:

  • We’re offering you a 15% bonus credit to use on NimbuzzOut. That’s 15% extra on top of the credits you want to purchase. To access the 15% bonus credit, go to http://www.nimbuzzout.com and once logged-in, use this code NIMBUZZ15 (valid until end of November 2010).
  • NimbuzzOut now lets you call mobile phones and landlines in 45 countries for only 2 cents per minute!
  • NimbuzzOut is supported on more than 115 Symbian devices, all iPhone / iPod Touch, and all of the Android handsets.

So no matter who you need to reach or how you need to reach them, you can do it with Nimbuzz.

What does the Skype/Nimbuzz breakup mean to you? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi ,
    I bought a new mobile and installed Nimbuzz to connect with my friends. But to my surprise there is no skype. I dont get the business part of it but certainly its a setback for people who use Nimbuzz for Skype connectivity.

    zaguber November 1st, 2010
  2. Jtgmw

    Imran khan November 2nd, 2010
  3. Hallo

    Hafees November 13th, 2011

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