High speed wireless chat with MTS Mblaze in Pune


Now all you guys from Pune can enjoy Wireless High speed internet on your computer with the recently launched MTS Mblaze in Pune.

The MTS Mblaze lets you connect to Internet from your Computer or Laptop.

With this you can stay connected to your contacts via Nimbuzz and make free calls and chats from your desktop as well ;)

MTS Mblaze Features:

MTS services are available in 984 towns of the State. MTS has a large, seamless high-speed mobile data services network in India offering speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps in 74 cities across India. MBlaze service offers 24 hours of free download as part of the inaugural offer with no roaming surcharges while using the MTS network across India.

You can get the MTS coverage details from here and enjoy the high speed benefits.

So let us know how u liked the MTS Mblaze scheme? Also recommend your friends to also use the Nimbuzz desktop version to connect with you when not online from your mobile.

If you are more of a Nimbuzz Mobile user, you can simply download Nimbuzz and stay connected.

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Image: Telecomtalk

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