Vodafone Mobile Connect pricing and usage details across India

Vodafone mobile connectIn our last blog post Airtel Mobile Office pricing and usage details across India we had put together the details about GPRS pricing and how Airtel subscribers can use Nimbuzz through Airtel Mobile Office.

This one is for all our Nimbuzz fans using Vodafone Pre-Paid and Post-paid connections. We have been hearing that a lot of Nimbuzz users are facing difficulties in connecting to Nimbuzz thorough Vodafone Live. We thought that we should bring to your notice the “Vodafone Mobile Connect” internet data plan to connect to your favourite Mobile Messenger.

We have put together the details, on how you could get the settings for Mobile Connect and the plan rates for both pre and post-paid connections.

To use Vodafone Mobile Connect:

  • You need a GPRS – enabled handset.
  • Need to activate Vodafone live on your phone {Postpaid customers: SMS ACT VL to 111 (toll free) & Prepaid customers: SMS ACT VL to 144 (toll free)}

To Setup Vodafone Mobile Connect:

For Nokia or Sony Ericsson handset owners, SMS VMC to 52586 (toll free) and save the settings you receive on your phone.

If you are not a Nokia or Sony Ericsson phone user, you’ll need to set your phone manually with the following details:

Select “settings” ——->> select “connection“—–>>> select “connections

Now Select “Add a new connection“- and fill the details given below:

Settings nameVodafone_www
Home page Blank
Session modePermanent
Connection securityOff
Data bearerGPRS
GPRS access pointwww
IP addressBlank
Authentication typeNormal
Login TypeBlank
User NameBlank

What are the charges?

For the Prepaid pack, you pay the Monthly rental of Rs. 199 and get a usage charge of 5p / 10KB which is currently not available in Tamil Nadu & UP East.

For the Postpaid pack, you have 4 options consisting monthly charges of Rs. 199, 499, 699 and 899. You get free data of 500MB and 1GB in 499 and 699 plans respectively and 0MB and Unlimited in 199 and 899 plans respectively, where the usage charge for the first 3 plans is 5paisa per 10kb.

So if you are facing some problem with Nimbuzz connectivity on Vodafone Live, you can also try the Vodafone Mobile Connect to enjoy the ‘mobile freedom’ on Nimbuzz.

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    Vodafone Mobile Connect pricing and usage details across India Mobile CHN September 24th, 2009
  2. Is nimbuzz required 3G system in India?

    Inder Jeet October 6th, 2009
  3. @Inderjeet, Nimbuzz does not require 3G System as it can work from GPRS. However, 3G can add high speed mobility.

    shahnawaz October 7th, 2009
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  5. I have a Nokia 5800 XM, i have downloaded nimbuzz but the application doesn’t seem to work. Eveytime i start the application it says “Failed to connect”
    I am using a Vodafone postpaid connection, circle: Andhra Pradesh
    Using a GPRS connection to access the internet (Vodafone Live)
    How do i configure nimbuzz using the vodafone live connection?
    Is it necessary to subscribe to vodafone mobile connect?

    Aditya October 16th, 2009
  6. @Aditya,

    it is not necessary but Nimbuzz is fully functional on Vodafone over the Vodafone Mobile Connect. Both the options can be subscribed simultaneously but can used individually.

    Try using Vodafone Mobile Connect and let us know your feedback

    shahnawaz October 20th, 2009
  7. I am unable to connect to nimbuzz using vodafone live in Karnataka circle, i dont want to activate vodafone mobile connect as the rent is high, please let me know an alternative with vodafone live if any..

    Pradeep October 25th, 2009
  8. IT is really cool stuff.i love Nimbuzz

    www.onlineisgreat.com November 3rd, 2009
  9. If I call to K.S.A .by my vodafone prepaid for few second ,9Rs cutting every time. Why?

    Inder Jeet November 30th, 2009
  10. @Inderjeet, Thanks for your query. Can you please let us know by which mode you are making the call? Is it a normal GSM call or you are making the call through any other means?

    It would be great if you can provide us more details about your query so that can suggest you the best way to save money while making calls outside India.

    shahnawaz November 30th, 2009
  11. Hey ShahNawaz,

    I am in Mumbai and unable to use nimbuzz over the vodafone live network. It works fine over my wi-fi network at home. Just wanted to find out whether it really works over Vodafone Mobile Connect so that if it does, I can go ahead, have that activated and switch over. Please let me know.

    ART December 31st, 2009
  12. I have visited your blog before. The more I visit, the more I keep coming back! ;~)

    Susan G May 2nd, 2010
  13. i have an spice qt-66 mobile . and i have also activated vodafone mobile connect service but still i m unable use the nimbuzz in my mobile . please tell me what should i do???
    also tell me the settings of nimbuzz. pleaseeeeee

    Sunil kumar May 7th, 2010
  14. Aslamo Alaikum Shahnawaz,
    I have only one complain to Nimbuzz. In Gujarat, I cant connect in Nimbuzz through Vodafone Live settings. I can connect through Vodafone Live in eBuddy, sh Messnger, Nokia’s application “chat” and FonWar(It has chat rooms also like Nimbuzz). Then why I cant connect in Nimbuzz?? Vodafone Mobile Connect is very costly. I can do everything through Vodafone Live except Nimbuzzing :( Shahnawaz PLEASE do something to solve this problem.

    Masoom May 8th, 2010
  15. Hey. . .
    Just tell me hw to use nimbuzz on vodafone live
    i dnt want use vodafone mobile connect
    just tell me hw to connect nimbuz on vodafone live
    please :( :'(

    Nimbuzerlover May 11th, 2010
  16. Hey. . .
    Just tell me hw to use nimbuzz on vodafone live
    i dnt want use vodafone mobile connect
    just tell me hw to connect nimbuz on vodafone live
    please :( :'( . . .

    Nimbuzerlover May 11th, 2010
  17. Im crying (T_T)
    please help me

    Nimbuzerlover May 11th, 2010
  18. I’m using Nimbuzz in my Nokia N95 using Vodafone Mobile Connect Karnataka and Wifi. However, it doesn’t work with Vodafone Live. I wonder why? and many other apps as well doesn’t work with VL. It is probably just meant for browsing from Mobile Browser.

    Vodafone want to make few quick bucks with Vodafone Mobile Connect Monthly Rental 199 Rs and Download cost of 5 Paisa for 10 KB.

    Few apps do work with Vodafone Live and few are not..may be due to the type of connection the application uses.

    No Crying. Change the Service Provider who is providing cheaper and better service.

    Vodafone User May 31st, 2010
  19. For better GPRS, switch to DOCOMO or BSNL. All your applications will work. And you won’t have to pay a single buck as rental.

    Jaibatrik Dutta June 5th, 2010
  20. can any on help me out….. nimbuzz is not working in any of my device
    i tried through wifi, vodafone,etc……but all contacts are shown offline.
    i even changed the settings but still not workin…

    neel October 23rd, 2010
  21. @neel, which phone you are using at the moment?

    shahnawaz October 25th, 2010
  22. Hi,
    I am using sony ericssion w595. I have activated VMC but my messengers are not working. It throws a messages saying cannot connect. I tried using sh messenger, vodafone messenger, etc.
    Can anyone help me out what might be the problem.My browsing is working all fine.

    suhas November 9th, 2010
  23. I foget my number

    Ruhini Saikia March 22nd, 2011
  24. Call from that number to another number and check

    shahnawaz March 23rd, 2011
  25. how to install ebuddy massanger in micromax q3 mobile pls guide me

    kuldeep March 23rd, 2011
  26. approximately what is the data usage of nimbuzz..if u be online the whole day?

    Pooja May 31st, 2011
  27. hey nimbuss is pre instal in spice qt 60 but wgen i m opening nimbuzz its always says conection faild plz help how to open nimbuzz

    ankit November 26th, 2011
  28. manoranjan

    manoranjansahoo March 24th, 2012

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