Nimbuzz Poll results: 69% of you mostly connect with GTalk when on Nimbuzz


The results of the first Nimbuzz India Blog polls are out!!!

69% of Nimbuzz users stayed connected with GoogleTalk when online with Nimbuzz, which also includes the people you are connected to on Orkut.

Looking at the results we can see that GoogleTalk leaps ahead of Yahoo at 23%, and Facebook at 9%. GoogleTalk’s numbers are also boosted by the dynamic Orkut on Nimbuzz community in India who use Gtalk as their chatting engine on Nimbuzz.

Recently I saw a list of Top 100 Domains at Vizisense stating Google India’s dominance at #1 and over 75% reach in India, Yahoo ranks #3 with a decent India reach of 63.2% and Facebook at #12 with India reach of just 14.1% which really coincides with our poll results.


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    venkadesh November 9th, 2010
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